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Lessons and Rates

Acclaimed by parents and musicians. Choose one subject or combine as many subjects as you like. We have online music lessons. Call for more information.



Stuart is a patient and nurturing teacher. He’s been performing on drums since 1995. Our lessons will help you exceed your goals.  Read more…

Guitar, Bass, Mandolin, and Ukulele

We have lessons for acoustic and electric guitar, bass guitar, mandolin, and ukulele. We’ll teach you to play your favorite style of music, including rock, pop, blues, country, jazz, and more. Read more…

Piano and Keyboard

Our piano lessons are perfect for new musicians who are starting to explore the keyboard. You’ll learn chords, scales, rhythms, and reading music. Stuart’s patient teaching method makes learning fun. Read more…


We have studio production lessons to teach you how to record, mix, and master music. You’ll get ear training, music theory, and technical skills. We will teach you how to turn a song idea into a finished product on iTunes and Spotify. Read more…

Electronic Music

We will teach you how to create music on a computer with industry-standard methods. You’ll get to produce your favorite styles of electronic music. We will show you how to construct pop, R&B, EDM, trap, hip hop, and more. You’ll have fun learning synthesizers, arrangement, mixing, and automation. Read more…


We have lessons to help you write your own songs. You’ll enjoy the relaxed, encouraging setting for creativity. Break through writer’s block and connect with your audience. Read more…

Our Students

Our students have rated us the best inclusive music teachers in Tucson! We serve:

Kids and Adults

We teach people who are getting started or trying something new. We also teach advanced musicians how to finish their songs and produce them. Read more…

Kids Ages 1-5

Toddlers can get an amazing music experience from Tucson Music Lessons! Our half-hour early start lessons are a great way to explore the instruments. We make it fun, memorable, and educational. Read more…

People With Special Needs

Our special education music lessons are the best in Tucson, Marana, and Oro Valley! We are special education teachers with Master’s degrees. We teach kids and adults with autism, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, and more. We’ll teach one of the instruments above, or a fun combination of them. Read more…


“Stuart is a fantastic teacher! My 3 year old adores him….Stuart’s enthusiasm for music is contagious and his patience and creativity make for a fun learning experience for kids.” –Jessica Lee, Parent


“My kids and I have all taken lessons at Tucson Music Lessons from Stuart. He is a fabulous teacher, and we grew leaps and bounds. It was such a joy to see and hear my kids playing music.” –Matt Poling, Parent and Drummer

Rates, Billing, and Discounts

Our prices are simple and affordable. We charge about the same as the large music schools in the area. We are owner-operated and value driven.


Half-Hour Sessions Are $40
One-Hour Sessions Are $70

Please note:

  • The first lesson is a half-hour and always free.
  • Our lessons are weekly.
  • For children under 9, we only offer half-hour sessions.


You will need to have a credit/debit card on file for your second lesson. We use Stripe, a very secure billing platform for automatic debit. We are not able to read the card number once it is in the system.

We charge for one month at a time, starting at your second lesson.


We are vendors for the Empowerment Scholarship Account (ESA) Program for homeschoolers. You can use ESA to pay for our music lessons. Family discounts are not available with ESA funding.

Family Discounts

Combined Sessions

We offer a 50% discount for each extra sibling in combined sessions. Must carpool.

Back-to-Back Sessions

We offer a 25% discount for each extra sibling in back-to-back private sessions. Must carpool.

Community Discounts

We have special offers for our community members. Team Hoyt Arizona and students from selected outstanding schools get two free lessons. Read more…

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Our Approach to Music Lessons

Music lessons for gifted students – Tucson Music Lessons


Every time you come to your lesson, we will be ready with a plan made for you. Not one but two teachers will work on the planning for your lesson. Why does it take so much extra effort? Individualization. It’s a best-practice in teaching, and it is our focus as special educators. We use this approach for every one of our students, even if they don’t have exceptional learning needs.

Some instructors insist on a single way of learning an instrument…not Stuart and Melissa! Every student has different musical interests and learning styles. All music teachers should individualize their lessons. We’re dedicated to it. It’s our specialty.

Most of the other music instructors in Tucson work at large commercial locations. It is not easy for them to put so much effort into each session. We don’t serve hundreds of students. That means we are able to focus our energy on optimizing your custom lessons.

Make Music Lessons Fun

If your lessons aren’t fun, you will stop making progress. It’s our job to keep you motivated, engaged, and excited about music. The key is that we love music and we love this job.

Start With Your Foundation

The best way to become a great musician is by mastering the basics. Amazing music takes fundamental technique. Our lessons are going to give you a foundation that we can use for building.

These sound hard to learn but we make them fun and easy:

  • Ergonomics
  • Fundamental instrument techniques
  • How to read music
  • How to play your favorite songs and styles
  • How to practice with a band
  • Music theory and songwriting

Build Your Strengths

As we work on basic skills, we’ll help you achieve more and more. We are careful not to overload you or make music stressful. You are looking for progress, and that excitement is what turns into music. We are ready to help you amaze yourself.

Want to read more? Here are 10 Reasons To Enroll with Us. Or, read some of our customers’ reviews below.