This Course Is A Pentatonic Epiphany For Guitar Players

This free 8-week email course will help you unlock the incredible power of the pentatonic scales. You'll learn to solo, improvise, and create music like you never thought possible. 

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Here’s what people are saying about this teacher:

Steve Watson


Stuart is a fantastic teacher

“I am 66 years old…Stuart is a fantastic teacher...He is upbeat and has such a positive attitude.”

Monica Schwartz


Makes lessons fun and engaging

“I was nervous to learn guitar as an adult, but am so glad I did and that I chose to learn from Stuart. He is a kind and patient teacher who makes lessons fun and engaging. We learn at a pace that is comfortable for me based on my goals.” 

Drew Pace


A great musician and an even better teacher

“Stuart is a great musician and an even better teacher...I have to say the experience is a must...Check it out, you won't be sorry."


Here’s what you’ll learn in this course...

Music is a language. It speaks to us, resonating with our deepest emotions. And the guitar lets you speak in a language of passion, power, and creativity. The pentatonic scale will make you fluent.

Learn To Connect The Positions

As soon as you understand how to connect the five positions of the pentatonic, you open up a door to creativity.

Once this door opens, it stays open. No longer confined to a single position, you become free to roam the entire fretboard.

You can follow your imagination, creating melodies that will surprise even yourself. 

Learn To Solo

The real power of the pentatonic scale is its intuitive sound. It's surprising how easy it is to hum your own pentatonic melodies and make up air guitar solos in your head.

When you can connect those mental notes with the fretboard, you begin to sing through your guitar. A few simple exercises will help you begin to hear the notes before you play them.

Next you'll be playing all the notes you hear in your imagination. 

Learn To Play By Ear

We'll explore a fascinating pattern: the pentatonic scale uses only two intervals.

These are the major second and the minor third. They are so simple to play on guitar that we could call them "bigs" and "littles." 

These two intervals allow you to roam across the guitar neck. Once you can hear them in your mind you'll be able to express your musical voice with newfound freedom.

About the Author

Studying patterns in the pentatonic scale led to a rebirth in my playing. For the first time, I felt myself hitting the notes in my head, with very few misses. It was like I could feel with my hands where the sounds were on the neck of the guitar. Now I am sharing the process that turned me into a confident lead guitar player.

Stuart Smith, M.Ed.

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