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Drum Lessons

You will be amazed at yourself.

Why Choose Our Drum Lessons?

We Use Proven Strategies for Different Learning Styles

Play Together

Most of our students tell us that it is easiest to learn the drums when Stuart plays along with them. He will use this technique when it helps, and then back off at the right moment. It’s a great way to get you playing the rhythm on your own.

Visual Aids

Are you a visual learner? We use pictures to help you understand the patterns that we are using. We will go from playing by pictures and numbers right into reading music.

Audio Equipment

Are you an auditory learner? It helps to hear the instructor counting or making reminders while you try to play something new. This is not easy with drums, because they’re loud. That’s why we use a microphone and headphones. Stuart can talk and count right into your ears while you are both drumming. We’ll also record the drum rhythms and counting for you to listen to at home when you practice.


A metronome is a drummer’s best friend. In today’s music performance world, most bands use in-ear headphones. You may not know it, but the whole band is usually listening to a metronome, or click-track. Drummers need to be ready to perform with a click. We practice with click-tracks to help your tempo and get you ready to lead the band.

We Give Clear Explanations

During each session we’ll make sure you are understanding the lesson. Some teachers tell you something one time and assume you’ve learned it. We don’t make assumptions like that. Stuart will check for your understanding the whole time. We have assessments built into our lessons.

Our Drum Studio Is Comfortable and Professional

We have all the drums and audio equipment here in-house. If you want to learn how to play the drums, there is no need to buy anything.

We have two professional drum sets by DW and Tama. Our DW Collector’s Series kit is the same type you’ve seen in huge performances. It’s used by drummers for the top stars like Paul McCartney and Bruno Mars. We have a professional recording studio for recording drums and we can record you at your best.

Drum Lesson Menu

Lessons for Beginners

Learn the basics of drumming with ease. It will not take long before you are taking advanced drum lessons! We’ll focus on:

  • Counting rhythms
  • Holding the drumsticks the right way
  • Moving around the drumset
  • Coordinating your hands and feet
  • Playing classic drum riffs

Drum Fundamentals Course

Build on a strong foundation. If you have already started learning to play the drums, you want to make sure you are doing it right. This course will give you the strategies you need. We’ll focus on:

  • Grip
  • Rudiments on drum set and snare drum
  • Tempo
  • Reading rhythms

Drum Performance Lessons

Learn how to rehearse and perform in a band. Stuart plays guitars and bass, and he will play along with you. These lessons will build your skills as a band leader and performing drummer. We’ll focus on:

  • Playing to a click
  • Playing with dynamics (changing sounds)
  • Playing with other musicians
  • Band rehearsal strategies

Drum Recording Lessons

Be ready before you record. Capturing great drums is challenging if you haven’t prepared yourself. These lessons will give you the skills you need. You will get to keep the recordings we make! If you want to learn how to mic and record your own drums, we teach that also. These lessons will focus on:

  • Playing to a click
  • Playing with dynamics (changing sounds)
  • Arranging your parts
  • Recording in sections
  • Recording rehearsal strategies
  • Recording session practice
  • Drum microphones and mixing (optional)

Lessons for Advanced Drummers

Learn more complex rhythms and styles. If you are already a drummer and you’re looking for an instructor, congratulate yourself! Few musicians are as invested as you are in your future. Drum lessons can help you open new possibilities. We’ll focus on:

  • Counting complex rhythms
  • Styles and genres of music
  • Improvisation
  • Reading music (we make it easy)
  • Groove, pocket, and feel
  • Composing and arranging drum rhythms

Our Teaching Goals


We want your lessons to be right for you. We will listen to your interests and musical style. We’ll teach you to play the kind of music that you like. If there are songs you want to learn to play, we will make a plan and get you there.


We care about student progress more than most instructors. That’s because we are real, experienced teachers. Our business depends on your success.


If you aren’t having fun in your drum lessons, you won’t keep coming. If our exercises aren’t exciting, you won’t practice them. Music should always be fun. Stuart loves music and he loves teaching drums. Try a free session and see how far you get in a half-hour. We can’t wait to play drums with you!