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About Us

Family-Owned and Operated Since 2016

We’re a music teaching service in Tucson, AZ. We’re a husband and wife business team, Stuart and Melissa Smith. We both have a background in special education. We operate our business out of our home. We have three kids. Besides working from home, we’re also homeschoolers. We love our family life!

Stuart Smith, M.Ed., and Melissa Smith, M.Ed., Founders

Stuart Smith, M.Ed.

Music Teacher

Hi, I’m Stuart, the music teacher at Tucson Music Lessons. I’m a drummer, guitarist, and producer. I spent almost the first decade of my career working in public education. I have a master’s degree in special education. I also have a master’s degree in educational leadership. In 2016 I pulled the plug on my career as a special education classroom teacher. I wanted to start a business teaching music instead.

My Musical Background

I play the drums on the worship team at Tucson’s Hope Community Church. I’ve been a member of the team since 2013.

When a parent from our church asked me to teach her son to play the drums in 2014, I began teaching lessons. Soon I had several students coming to my house each week for drums and guitar. Two years later, Melissa and I founded Tucson Music Lessons. It sounds like a quick progression but it wasn’t. My musical journey started more than twenty years earlier.

When I was in sixth grade I watched a performance on the guitar by two students at my school. At that instant I became a lifelong learner of music. I started playing the clarinet, guitar, and drums in 1995. I began performing in worship bands and garage bands.

In 2001 I went to Tulane University in New Orleans. I played drum set in the Tulane Soundwave Pep Band from 2003 to 2005. I was the Drumline Captain for the 2003 Inaugural Tulane Marching Band. I also played in the Tulane Jazz Combo. While I lived in New Orleans I met unbelievable musicians who became friends and mentors.

While I lived in New Orleans I started getting interested in writing and recording music. Producing music made me curious about all different styles, and New Orleans was full of music. I gained a deep love for jazz, blues, rock, zydeco, country, bluegrass, hip hop, world musics, and EDM. These styles pervaded the atmosphere.

When I returned to Tucson in 2005 I joined a band called The Can Crushers. Over the next five years we made a lasting impression for many people, as you can see in this video.

In 2009 I began studying Logic Pro, an industry standard music recording software. Logic is very powerful and it opened a world of new possibilities. Some say that it takes ten thousand hours to become a master of a practice. By my estimation I spent that amount of time using Logic between 2009 and 2013.

In 2013 I released an album called, “Electroflag.” It’s a collection of original electronic dance music that I made. Most of the instruments are unique sounds I created using subtractive synthesis. It is available on iTunes and Spotify under the artist name Sounds Inside.

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I’m still working on my own music. In 2020 I will release a rock & soul album.

When we opened Tucson Music Lessons, it changed my life. I wake up every day excited to teach my students. I get to meet and coach some of Tucson’s newest and best musicians, including you! Please feel free to text or call me at (520) 260-8745. I offer a free lesson in case you want to see if we are a good match.