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Bass Guitar Lessons

Why Choose Our Bass Lessons?

You’ll Learn How to Lead the Band

The bass player is the central member of a performing group. The drummer listens to the bass for groove and the band listens to it for harmony. The bass player is the musical leader of the audience, too. In a room full of people, every touch on the bass has more of an impact than any other instrument. It’s your room!

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced musician, we will get you ready fast. We will help you develop your technique, timing, and feel. You don’t need to own a bass guitar.

Bass Players Need Music Theory

The bass generally only plays one note at a time. But that doesn’t mean it’s boring! Music theory will give you a complete, exciting perspective on what you can do with your bass. We teach you not only how to play your instrument, but how it works in context of other instruments.

We Are Quality Teachers

We have high ratings and adoring reviews from our customers in Tucson. They enjoy our patient, encouraging mentoring. That’s because we are teachers with master’s degrees and experience.

Bass Guitar Courses

Beginning Bass Guitar Lessons

  • Tuning the bass
  • Finger positions
  • Melodies
  • Tonic notes

Bass Guitar Performance Course

  • Playing with a click
  • Playing with dynamics (changing sounds)
  • Playing with other musicians
  • Band rehearsal strategies

Bass Guitar Recording Course

  • Playing with a click
  • Section-by-section recording
  • Hands-on practice

Our Pledge to You

We Will Individualize Your Instruction

Every student has a different way of learning. We have proven strategies for different learning styles. We are careful to make sure you understand the information as we go. Everything we teach will be custom-planned for you.

You Will Make Progress

When you achieve your goals, it makes our business stronger. We will do everything we can to speed up your musical growth.

You Will Have Fun

The bass is one of the most fun instruments. Our lessons are full of exciting techniques. Stuart is a passionate instructor and loves teaching. You will have a great time learning to play the bass.