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Online Music Lessons For Toddlers Ages 1-5

As a parent, you know how important it is for young children to try new activities. Kids begin exploring and learning music as soon as they get a chance. Our online music lessons are the perfect place for your child to try music because:

  • We’re experts at early childhood education
  • Our lessons are fun and our students make progress fast
  • We know how to teach foundational music theory concepts that kids will remember
  • Our lessons support Pre-K skills development

We teach lots of instruments. We’ll help your child explore and try the different instruments that your home provides. If you don’t have any instruments yet, we can introduce them in our lessons and see what sparks interest. And we can even practice music skills without any “real” instruments!


Half-hour weekly lessons are $40. Tuition is on a monthly basis for $160. We use automatic debit.

Family Discounts

  • 50% discount for each extra family member in combined sessions
  • 25% discount for each extra family member in back-to-back sessions

Our Teachers

We aren’t just music teachers. We have master’s degrees in education and K-12 teaching certifications. Stuart Smith, M.Ed. is the instructor, and has been playing music since 1995. Melissa Smith, M.Ed. helps to plan and customize every lesson. Together we have over 20 years of experience teaching children. We are also the parents of three young children.

Location (Online only)

We teach all our lessons online. We use zoom for our meetings. If your child enjoys using Facetime and video conversations, we can have fun and learn it all! Our business office address is 3321 West Calle Fresa.

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Why Start Music Lessons Early?

1. Music Is An Opportunity For Creativity

When young children get their hands on a real musical instrument, they don’t know quite what to do. Their lack of knowledge is actually a strength. Immediately kids become creative. They start experimenting. They make sounds with the instrument and begin making their own music. It’s not masterful, but it is expressive and free. That mental freedom is valuable for musicians.

The top goal in early start lessons is to preserve and encourage children’s creativity. We look for activities that will spark their curiosity. When children take the initiative, we reinforce it. Following their lead or being a great audience is always more valuable than a correction. We only want the child to learn musical techniques they find useful for being creative. This requires sensitivity and flexibility from the teacher.

Music gives adults a chance to be something that kids need: an audience.

2. Music Fuels Children’s Self-Esteem

Music lessons are happy and positive. They are a great social setting for toddlers to develop skills and self-esteem.

When a child sings or plays an instrument, it’s an opportunity for adults. It’s a moment to applaud and congratulate them for what they’ve done.

Music gives adults a chance to be something that kids need: an audience. When kids learn that you enjoy listening to them, making music becomes useful. It is not only fun, but it earns attention and praise. The audience connection is an enriching, motivating social interaction for kids.

Children love the boost in self-esteem that they get from their music lessons. They get recognition from their teacher and their parents at the same time. When they go home they are still excited. Most of our students play music to their families throughout the week.

3. Musical Concepts Are Simple

There is so much about music that sounds complicated but is actually simple. Lots of skill-building activities are fun and easy for toddlers. These include activities on keyboards, drums, stringed instruments, brass instruments, and more. There are even music skills that babies can learn.

Music activities are fun, motivating mental challenges. Most musical concepts are simple patterns and counting. When we break them down into fun activities, they are easy to understand for children. They also reinforce cognitive development.

Practicing musical instruments trains your muscles to perform challenging motions. Kids learn movement patterns, fine motor skills, and ergonomics when they play instruments. They pick these up by watching, copying, and experimenting.

Instruments provide wonderful instant gratification when the child makes an effort. You can hear it and feel it when you make progress. The instruments themselves are almost teachers.

4. Music Is A Language

Children are able to learn languages even better than adults. It’s easy for them to make permanent mental frameworks during the developmental years.

Toddlers apply the same amazing mental ability when they play music. They learn the language and the sounds of music fast. Once they develop fluency it becomes a permanent ability.

Adding music education into a toddler’s schedule is a great way to give them a foundational skill. The benefits last a lifetime.

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We don’t serve many customers. This is great for our students because:

  • We’re able to spend time preparing each lesson beforehand. Afterwards we reflect on each lesson.
  • It’s easy to get a convenient session time. We have prime time, weekday, and weekend availability.
  • We’re able to respond, as teachers and business owners, every time you have a question or special request.

Our customers value our teaching. All of our toddler students make their parents proud. Many of them continue into our programs for big kids when they turn five.

Toddlers Grow Up Fast

You won’t regret investing in your child’s musical development now. You’ll get to watch your child’s creativity, self-esteem, and musical ability build with each session. You’ll also get:

  • adorable photos and videos,
  • cool recording projects,
  • and lifelong memories.

It’s easy to get started. Call or text (520) 260-8745 to get your free lesson. Or, click here to book online:

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Customer Reviews

If your child has taken early start lessons with us, please describe your experience here. Click the button to create a review.

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I was nervous to learn guitar as an adult, but am so glad I did and that I chose to learn from Stuart. He is a kind and patient teacher who makes lessons fun and engaging. We learn at a pace that is comfortable for me based on my goals. Lessons are done by Zoom which makes it convenient for my schedule. I have fun each week learning new material and techniques. I love being able to choose songs that I like and submit them to be used for our lessons. I would recommend Stuart for anyone looking to have a personalized, challenging, and encouraging learning experience.
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Steve Watson
Steve Watson
I am 66 years old and I wanted to learn how to play the acoustic guitar. I found Tucson Music Lessons and contacted Stuart Smith about taking lessons and started 5 months ago. Stuart is a fantastic teacher. All lessons are on zoom and it works out wonderfully. I can set up and tune my guitar before lessons start. Stuart is upbeat and has such a positive attitude. He tailors lesson with your abilities and how you are progressing. There are times I feel discouraged and down about my progress, but after lessons I feel better about myself and continuing on. If you are interested in music I would highly recommend Tucson Music Lessons.
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Jodi O
Jodi O
The best musical lessons in Tucson by far! My son is a special needs student with a great love of music. Stuart is an amazing and patient teacher, my son looks forward to his music lesson every week, and is learning scales and octaves above and beyond for a child his age. My son is engaged in the lesson the entire time, thanks to the teacher’s enthusiasm and dedication to the learning style of the individual student. Lessons with this music school are so rewarding!!! Very highly recommended!
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We absolutely love and highly recommend Stuart!! He is so patient and kind teaching my 7 year old son how to play multiple instruments!! Best music instructor we know!
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John D'Orlando
John D'Orlando
I’ve been playing guitar on and off for over 40 years, including in a punk band in the early 80’s. I never having had any formal training and my technique left a lot to be desired. In the last two years I had two teachers who helped break my bad habits, but my third teacher, Stuart from Tucson Music Lessons has applied everything I learned and I’m now able play much more confidently and more consistently than before. He makes each lesson enjoyable and tailors the lesson to your needs. In addition to teaching guitar Stuart plays and teaches several instruments and will even join in on drums to bring his teaching full circle. I highly recommend Stuart for not only beginners but also for those who’ve been playing for a while but need a tune up. Highly recommend!
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Heath Evans
Heath Evans
Mr Stuart is by far the most amazing gift to music we could have hoped for. He is extremely patient with our special needs son and has fostered an out of this world love for music in our son. Mr Stuart is a very gifted musician who has a passion for fostering music in the next generation. Our son can't stop talking about his lessons at Tucson Music Lessons and it is the highlight of the week. There will never be enough words for how thrilled we are with Mr Stuart's passion, patience, and drive for inspiring our son. A 5 star rating is far too low for the quality at Tucson Music Lessons, but Google won't let me add more!!!
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Tina Segovia
Tina Segovia
Stuart is an amazing teacher, Super patient! My son loves the drums & Stuart is helping him grow & learn every week. We would highly recommend Tucson Music Lessons!!
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Susan Miller-Cochran
Susan Miller-Cochran
Stuart has been such an inspirational teacher for both our 11-year-old son (who has autism) and for our 7-year-old daughter (who is neurotypical). He is patient, knowledgeable, flexible, and encourages them to love music and to explore. I can’t recommend him highly enough!
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Geoffrey Batz
Geoffrey Batz
Our autistic son has been seeing stuart for over a year now and we are extremely impressed with how much he's learned! Stewart is an exceptional and patient instructor. Not only has our son continually learned how to play a variety of instruments but his fine motor skills as well as pattern recognition skills have all improved! We highly recommend this program to any parent looking to get their children into music.
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Timothy Gentry
Timothy Gentry
Our experience with Tucson Music Lessons was fantastic. Our girl has always had a blast going to her music class. On her first visit she was a little nervous but the teacher was so sweet and encouraging she was soon lost in all the fun she was having. She played drums and shakers, played on guitars, and loved singing into a microphone while watching the sound of her voice on a monitor. Very interactive and great for little kids who just need to explore various parts of music. I would highly recommend starting your child out here. I believe they offer instruction for individual instruments as well, I’m excited to see which one my kid connects with. It’s a great musical exposure and fun experience for us all.
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Early Start Music Lessons for Ages 1-5
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 1 reviews
 by Rachel Maddela
Great classes for toddlers

My son, who's 4 now, has been taking classes with Mr. Stuart for over a year now since our family moved to Tucson. My son enjoys the classes the most which is very important. Mr Stuart exposes him to different kinds of instruments which has been our goal for him because of his great interest with music. His gross and fine motor skills have improved with how he handles musical instruments. His classes foster concentration, patience, listening skills and coordination, aside that he makes it a fun environment for learning music. We always look forward to his classes because my son loves music and he is learning a lot from Mr. Stuart. We are very thankful we found him!