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Electronic Music Production Lessons

Why Choose Our Electronic Music Education Program?

You Will Make Your Own Tracks

These sessions will be productive. You will make your own music. You will get to keep your tracks as mp3’s. If you want, we will show you how to publish them on iTunes, Spotify, etc.

You Will Make Unique Sounds

One way to find your own sound as an artist is to create your own electronic sounds from scratch. You’ll learn to make your own synth patches to fit your music. This is almost always better and faster than searching through sound libraries.

We Make It Easy to Learn

Electronic music software can seem intimidating at first. We’re experts at slowing down and helping you to understand. We will find different ways to teach you something if it isn’t making sense.

We Have Time-Saving Workflows

Stuart uses project templates, keyboard commands, and saved settings to make production fast. After you understand a new concept, he will show you shortcuts to make it repeatable.

We Use Industry Standards

Our software, plugins, and audio fidelity are some of the best in the business. Our speakers are big and they sound great across the sound spectrum. You’ll learn how to produce music at a professional level.

Electronic Music Courses

Electronic Music Production Lessons

Learn how to create records on your computer, from start to finish. We’ll cover all the subjects below.

Synthesizer Programming Course

Learn how to use subtractive synthesis. You’ll create unique instruments that fit with each other. We’ll focus on:

  • Synth leads
  • Synth pads
  • Noise sweeps

Drum Programming Course

Learn how to make drum beats that bounce! We’ll focus on:

  • Creating drums from scratch
  • Programming exciting drum tracks
  • Mixing drums
  • Compression techniques for drums
  • Reverb techniques for drums
  • EQ techniques for drums

Electronic Music Arrangement Course

Learn how to plan an exciting musical journey. We’ll focus on:

  • Working with contrasts
  • Making powerful transitions
  • Making a compelling introduction
  • Writing a memorable hook

Electronic Music Mixing & Automation Course

Learn how to balance and color your sounds, then make them warp and change. We’ll focus on:

  • Balance
  • EQ
  • Reverb
  • Compression
  • Effects
  • Automation

Logic Pro X Lessons

Learn how to use Apple’s industry-standard music production software. We’ll focus on:

  • Working with MIDI (digital notes)
  • Working with audio (sound recordings)
  • Using the Mixer
  • Using plugins (digital effects)
  • Using keyboard commands
  • Creating time-saving templates and workflows

We Strive for Quality

Here is what you can expect when you learn with us:

Customized Teaching

We all have different ways of learning new information. Electronic music can be a bit technical at times, but we will make sure that you understand everything as we go. We have several different strategies to help you learn.

Fast Progress

When you are paying for instruction you expect to make progress. You will enjoy learning with Stuart because you will achieve your goals fast. You will soon have your own records to distribute.

Fun, Exciting Sessions

It’s fun learning to produce electronic dance music and hip hop. It’s like conjuring rich party music out of thin air. Our sessions will be exciting. You will not need extra motivation to create your own music. The process itself is encouraging!