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Mandolin Lessons

Why Choose Our Mandolin Lessons?

You’ll Learn Fast

It will take time to develop finger strength. We will give you focused exercises so you can start playing songs almost immediately. As soon as your fingers catch up, we will be able to explore the world of music through mandolin. You do not need to own a mandolin to start learning how to play.

You’ll Understand Music Theory

Along with practicing, the best way to make progress on the mandolin is to learn how music works. Learn the patterns of the notes and how they harmonize. The mandolin will become an expressive voice. We will give you shortcuts to help you understand the big picture.

You’ll Be Able To Play Songs Written For Guitar

When you learn to read chords, you will be able to play songs from the same chord sheets that guitar players use. This is convenient because you can find chord sheets for most of your favorite songs. When you know the chords on the mandolin, you can play your favorite songs.

Mandolin Courses

Beginning Mandolin Lessons

  • Tuning the mandolin
  • Finger positions
  • Playing melodies
  • Playing chords

Mandolin Performance Course

  • Playing to a click
  • Playing with dynamics (changing sounds)
  • Playing with other musicians
  • Band rehearsal strategies

Our Goals

Here are our top three goals as music instructors:

To Customize Our Lessons For You

We do not teach the same material to every student. What works for one person does not work for everyone. Instead we’ve developed proven methods for teaching people with different learning styles. Every session is unique to you.

To See Our Students Make Progress

When you succeed, our business succeeds. We will dedicate our time to your musical future. It’s our job.

To Help Our Students Have Fun With Music

You are going to love learning to play the mandolin. We will not rush you, and we will encourage you along the way. It is fun to make new achievements on your instrument. You will be proud of your playing and you’ll be eager to practice.