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Piano / Keyboard Lessons

Why Choose Our Piano Lessons?

We Are Great for Beginners

Piano basics are easy for kids and adults to learn. We have taught people as young as one, and adults as well.

We Make Music Theory Easy To Understand

The linear layout of the notes of the piano makes it a perfect instrument for learning music. We will show you the patterns that make it understandable.

Musicians Should Understand the Piano

If you play another instrument, learning basic piano can give you a new perspective on your music. It can reveal patterns you haven’t noticed and clarify ideas you don’t understand.

Piano Courses

Beginning Piano/Keyboard Lessons

  • Chords
  • Scales & Melodies

Music Theory Course

  • How chords work
  • Jazz theory

Our Goal as Your Teachers

Making Your Lessons Right For You

Piano teachers tend to use strict teaching methods. We do not. We will help you make adjustments. We encourage and challenge our students. We use different strategies for students with different learning styles. When a student doesn’t understand something, we break it down and find different ways to teach it.

Helping You Achieve Progress

We will help you learn beginning piano skills and music theory as fast as possible. With that foundation in place, you will be ready for advanced piano lessons. We will recommend an advanced piano teacher for you.

Helping You Have Fun Playing Piano

Piano teachers tend to have a reputation for taking the fun out of learning music. Not us. Our goal is to make your introduction to piano so fun and exciting that it will have a lifelong impact.